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3D Modelling - Post Apocalyptic Travel Mug

I created a 3D model of a post-apocalyptic travelling mug. I chose a travelling mug as I felt the structure of it was interesting to try and replicate. The video above is showing the final piece, this is after the modelling, texturing and lighting. My 3D modelling was completed using Autodesk Maya

Below are snapshots of how this project was developed from the inital modelling to texturing to lighting and environment.


This next video shows the modelled object with a basic checker texture to show the UV's are matched correctly to the model so when textures are applied they are not warped.

Features include:

  • UV Mapping
  • Object Modelling
  • Applying textures
  • Adding appropriate lighting
  • managing folders and files in Maya

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gaining a better understanding of 3D
  • Creating a realistic 3Dd model that meets the post-apocalyptic objective
  • Using and unfolding UV maps
  • Applying lighting
  • Making a model look convincing in its background environment