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Exploring with Claude

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Exploring with Claude is a game created with ActionScript in Adobe Flash CS6 with ActionScript 3.0. All assets are created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash. While all Animations were created in Adobe Flash. This was a project I completed in my first year in Interactive Programming.

The objective of this project was to create a basic side-scrolling game that would contains parallax scrolling of the foreground/background elements. The other objectives of this project was demonstrating implementation in switching of character frames, collision detection to obstacles in which the character must react to and use of the Up, Left and Right arrows keys.

Exploring Claude is about a a young crocodile who is setting off an adventure, this project shows Claudes journey through a part of the swamps forest and the things he finds along his path.

The image below shows the original sketch and the outcome for the background and character design that is used in the game.


Game features include:

Learning Outcomes: